Dragon Info: The revolutionary search engine that will change how users browse

Randolph French

ByRandolph French

Sep 10, 2021

In the age of information, the value of data is immeasurable. As the pandemic forced everyone to take over the virtual world, the necessity for securing our data online is paramount. From simply accepting cookies to identity theft, data manipulation is everywhere. Along with the increase in worldwide data, one thing that is booming simultaneously is cryptocurrency. 

Crypto follows an advanced system of data storage using blockchain which is also known as the digital ledger. So combining the security of blockchain with the accountability of crypto coins will bring out an excellent way for data storage and safety. Dragon Info is a platform that provides services with the intention to protect user data from being manipulated by companies. 

About Dragon Info

Dragon Info makes sure that whatever data the user provides is safe and protected from fraudulent practices at all times. The data will never be shared with third parties without the user granting permission for it. When a user is willing to share their data, they also earn the DINF token, the native token of Dragon Info ecosystem. The amount of tokens received is proportional to the amount of data the user shares. 

Dragon Info has an inbuilt browser that enables users to search for information in a faster, easier way in which they do not have to compromise any private data. Throughout the platform, the user is the one who decides how and where their data will be used. This is a thoughtful project with the use of the latest technology that is going to change how companies will approach user data. 

Tokenomics of DNIF token 

Out of the total supply, 45% will be used for ecosystem development. 25% will be used for teams, advisors and operations. 15% is for token sale, 10% for liquidity and 5% for partnerships.

To know more about Dragon Info, visit: https://dragon-info.com/

Randolph French

By Randolph French

I have been writing about Cryptocurrency for over 5 years and I have seen it grow from a niche interest to a global phenomenon. I have written two books on the subject, “Crypto investing for beginners” and “Crypto trading for beginners”. My work has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. I am a thought leader in the space and my insights are highly sought after by both media and industry players. I am a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg and CoinDesk. I also advise startups in the space and have mentored many successful entrepreneurs.

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