Randolph French

ByRandolph French

Oct 11, 2021

FutureCoin, a unique platform using a  Proof of Trade (POT) validation system, aims to launch the world’s fully decentralized browser, crypto bank, and file transfer system.

October 10, 2021– FutureCoin intends to launch the world’s first 100% decentralized crypto bank, decentralized browser, and file transfer system, in which no folder or information is saved on any third-party servers.

FutureCoin projects include Destiny Wallet and Destiny Swap and their crypto & stocks exchange, where they hope to offer investors the ability to buy stocks using Futurecoin’s cryptocurrency.

According to reports from the in-house team, their projects (Destiny Wallet & Destiny Swap) are already in the beta version. Furthermore, utilizing their technology TRADELINK, they have developed a revolutionary validation system for blockchain transactions – POT (Proof of Trade), and they are already developing it on TESTNET.

This project has many potentials based on what is going on in their TESTNET and what they have right now, including the fact that they are a multi-chain token, i.e., they have three bridges that connect the ERC20 BEP20 and SOLANA blockchains.

Looking at the potential of this project, we envision a bright future for this project based on our market analysis. Therefore, for the time being, we give this project a direct rating of 9.2/10.

As regards future market valuation, we are tipping futurecoin to have gone as high as $115 by the 3rd quarter of 2022. This is not financial advice but we expect big things from this project.

Filip Cristian, the founder of Futurecoin,  embodies a success story of a smart kid who wants more out of life.

Filip Cristian already has two successful business ventures, one of which is a digital marketing agency with a yearly revenue of more than a million dollars. He also has a Stock Mutual Fund – FILIP CAPITAL, where he manages over 14 million dollars in assets. FutureCoin will be the third success story? We believe it will. Filip proves to everyone that anything is possible at any age, and for the respect we have for him and the team he manages to take on this project, our review team gives him a direct rating of 9.7/10.

FutureCoin Team provides dividends in cryptocurrency via TLINK token, where they offer FutureCoin holders a portion of the project’s profit MONTHLY.

You can check more about their project here:

Randolph French

By Randolph French

I have been writing about Cryptocurrency for over 5 years and I have seen it grow from a niche interest to a global phenomenon. I have written two books on the subject, “Crypto investing for beginners” and “Crypto trading for beginners”. My work has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. I am a thought leader in the space and my insights are highly sought after by both media and industry players. I am a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg and CoinDesk. I also advise startups in the space and have mentored many successful entrepreneurs.

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