Randolph French

ByRandolph French

Nov 29, 2021
  • $DODI enables users play the games or open their own rooms in a gambler-only environment with no house or casino in pooled betting multiverse
  • Players benefit from enhanced risk reward parameters and room owners earn by monetizing their communities and followers

DoubleDice (Uniswap: DODI), launching today, has developed a trailblazing decentralized gaming (DeGa) platform which will offer multiple games in a no-house/no-casino setup, allowing users and token-holders to open their own bets/rooms, invite their networks and followers and monetize their network. The room/bet owners never have to take on any risk of playing the house to earn.

Holding just 10 million tokens allows you to utilise the tech-stack and templates built by DoubleDice to easily start your own bets and rooms. Established gaming houses and large projects who want their own branding and sponsored rooms can do so for holding only 100m tokens.

DoubleDice, to celebrate the launch, has also announced a staking program where users can commit their tokens to the staking program and get up to 95% discount on the DODI needed to open the rooms. It’s akin to a 20x utility from the same token. There is not time cap on how long the users can lock in these tokens for to continue these benefits.

Backed by well-known industry veterans such as Darkpool Liquidity, Skyvision Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Polygon, njoi and Zion Capital, games will go live latest in Q1 2022.

DoubleDice will start with free format templates enabling sports betting, political races, e-gaming betting etc. followed by well-known and much-loved games similar to roulette, poker, blackjack, Yahtzee, craps, etc. These services may be augmented further with project partnerships and NFT interfaces. The founding team is already in discussions with projects that would want to have their own branded rooms enabled by DoubleDice infrastructure and tech-stack.

DoubleDice said: “We are seeing an amazing response to what we are building from every part of the gaming ecosystem and adjacent spaces such as entertainment and metaverse projects. We will soon be able to announce strategic partnerships with well-known large players. However, the promise of demoncratizing the gaming space by giving people a chance to run their own games will be the long-term winner in our eyes. The millennial+ generation is looking to engage with and interact with their fellow community and not play in centralized setups. We are extremely proud on being able to deliver on our promise of offering true risk-reward parameters in the pooled betting setup to the players. The staking program makes our vision more inclusive.”

About Double Dice

DoubleDice is the infrastructure player and technology provider for the decentralized gaming metaverse, allowing users and token-holders to open their own bets/rooms, invite their networks and followers and earn revenues from doing so. The pooled betting settlement protocols have been secured through a patent successfully registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). For more information go to DoubleDice aims to be the global backbone for pooled betting on which anyone and any project can build.

Randolph French

By Randolph French

I have been writing about Cryptocurrency for over 5 years and I have seen it grow from a niche interest to a global phenomenon. I have written two books on the subject, “Crypto investing for beginners” and “Crypto trading for beginners”. My work has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. I am a thought leader in the space and my insights are highly sought after by both media and industry players. I am a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg and CoinDesk. I also advise startups in the space and have mentored many successful entrepreneurs.

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