NFT-Based Baby Bitdoge Unveils First Release and Blockchain Game

Randolph French

ByRandolph French

Oct 1, 2021

Baby Bitdoge, a blockchain project enabling participants to collect Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for play-to-earn game is launching soon! The NFT and play-to-earn game trends are warming the economies with their hot waves. Even major companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Alibaba, Twitter, CNN, Epic Games, Microsoft’s Minecaft are stepping into these crazes. According to DappRadar, the sales volumes for NFTs had ascended from $94,862,807 (total sales volume on 2020) to $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021! During Covid-19 pandemic, crypto game Axie Infinity had experienced an unexpected boom and had reported to hit $1.1 billion in sales, breaking NFT sales record and became the highest-grossing NFT project.

Baby Bitdoge inspired by Bear brick concept is a fashion icon that ready to launch in the virtual world! In recent years, gamers are purchasing cool or cosmetics item that do not possess any other effects that make the game characters stronger, but only enhance the appearance. However, the digital assets in traditional games does not possess any value in real life. Therefore, Baby Bitdoge is launching NFTs, a tokenised artwork that enabling users to buy and sell like any other piece of property.

Baby Bitdoge NFTs can be collected through mystery box or traded in Bitdoge marketplace. In each mystery box, users can collect one out of six parts of Baby Bitdoge NFT of different themes. Each NFT is limited for one million unit only and these limited edition NFTs can be used in battling game! Users can play to earn Baby Bitdoge token, which in return can convert into fiat currencies by winning battles. Baby Bitdoge wants to let your creativity to fly, users can create their own Morph Bitdoge NFTs at Bitdoge Canvas. As what the developer said:

“We won’t limit ourselves from being creative, and neither should you. Your creativity is deserved to thrive!”

Other than that, Baby Bitdoge wants to protect users from cryptocurrencies inflation, and creating farming system where users can earn Baby Bitdoge token rewards automatically by staking. Holders can watch the number of tokens increase without doing anything.

$Baby Bitdoge is governance token with hyper-deflationary burn rate, which can preserve the tokens scarcity and value. $Baby Bitdoge can continuously incentivise users by yield system. More than that, $Baby Bitdoge can be used to purchase Baby Bitdoge NFT, in-game item and Morph Bitdoge NFT. $Baby Bitdoge holder can also be engaging in decision making on the development of the community.

All NFTs from Baby Bitdoge are tradeable. Users not only can earn by playing and farming, but also can earn by trading NFTs. Baby Bitdoge is designed with complete features that enabling win-win situation for all. Hence, be prepared to watch the Baby Bitdoge community to grow!


Randolph French

By Randolph French

I have been writing about Cryptocurrency for over 5 years and I have seen it grow from a niche interest to a global phenomenon. I have written two books on the subject, “Crypto investing for beginners” and “Crypto trading for beginners”. My work has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. I am a thought leader in the space and my insights are highly sought after by both media and industry players. I am a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg and CoinDesk. I also advise startups in the space and have mentored many successful entrepreneurs.

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