Spacex Network: A Cryptocurrency With Static Rewards And Secured

Randolph French

ByRandolph French

Aug 18, 2021

The pandemic has left people jobless and most are receiving pay cuts. While people are searching for an alternative source to make money, the economy of cryptocurrency is rising more than ever. Today, there are thousands of coins and tokens serving bigger causes than just making a profit. One such token is the Spacex Network ($SPN). 

What is SPN?

Spacex Network is a static reward token with great amenities for investors. There is a 10% trading commission that provides multiple rewards, charity and liquidity for $SPN token and thus the value of $SPN will also increase. The $SPN token static rewards are based on the trade volume and that way there is less pressure on the sellers to trade their coins. Every time an investor sells their $SPN, every holder will be rewarded for it. The more $SPN people hold, the more rewards they get. The number of rewards received also depends on the percentage of tokens sold by other holders. 

Purpose Behind SPN

The “SafeMoon Protocol”, is quite famous among crypto ecosystems. It promises to create a target price by locking the token in a liquidity pool that cannot be accessed by the team. One flaw in this system is that devs owners can still access that locked wallet which protects the pairs and thus the entire team has risks losing the value of the entire cryptocurrency. SPN was created with the aim to eliminate this loophole and to nurture trust among the holders which can be more valuable than the currency value. 

Features of Spacex

Every single transaction of SPN will automatically generate more liquidity acquired through multiple exchanges. The tokens inside the liquidity pool cannot be accessed even by the development team. Every time a transaction is made, the tokens are sent to this inaccessible wallet and thus it guarantees liquidity. The tokens will also burn the tokens which will reduce the supply and increase the value of the tokens which in turn will increase rapid growth. 

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Randolph French

By Randolph French

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